The end of June

It’s hard to believe that June is almost over. Living in Northern Minnesota we wait for what feels like an eternity for summer to arrive. This week on the farm has turned out to be a busy and eventful one. We started the process of renovating our only bathroom in our farm house and per usual, a hiccup was found. A moldy and rotted out exterior wall behind our previous shower was the culprit. However, the reason for it we do not know. After tearing apart all the siding and some roofing no reason was to be found. Our family was here and helped Austin to replace the OSB, siding and soffits over a few days. In the mean time I was able to get a new batch of soap made (details to come soon!) do yard work and organized our basement (yes, we have lived here for two years and still have things in boxes. *head slap!).

The last pasture for this summer was completed and our goats couldn’t be happier! Our doe’s and their kids headed out to the lush, overgrown field with so much excitement and curiosity that we couldn’t help but laugh. The kids trail mom a few steps behind trying to decide if they should eat grass or find the newest rock to play on.

With this new pasture the goats feel like they are way off in the distance. And they are! They are tiny little specks in the green pasture when we look out from the windows in our house. Drive in the yard at any given moment and you are sure to find empty pens in the yard. They spend all day out on pasture, only venturing back to the barn for a drink of water or a break from the sun.

I couldn’t help but pass up the opportunity to have a photo op with the goats in the long green grass. The adults are all too familiar with me getting in their face for pictures but the kids on the other hand, well, to them the camera is new and something we need to taste or investigate. I got what I could for pictures and more wood ticks than I care to share.

Ending June I guess it has been a busy one but the goats are content, the kids will be weaned soon and our long chore days are just beginning.

“See you” on the next post.


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